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 Pet Visits
We come to your house  check Your pets  & spend time with them ,Give them cuddles & Company  We have 3 Packages for your pets  Bronze, Silver & Gold .
You choose what you think is best for your pet .We can tailor a package for you. 
Alternative to kennels;
 leave your dog/cat/bird etc at home when you
go away.
What is included in Every Package
  • Dog walk
  • Feed
  •  Cuddles of course 
  • Poop a scoop of the daily poo litter  Change
  • Rubbish Bin put out
  • Security Check
  • watering if needed
  • Fish Fed  
  • Bird Fed
  • Rabbit Fed
  • Cat Fed
  • If more then 4 animals in house ( please add $5.00 extra  excluding dogs, if there  is a second dog in the house hold please add an extra $5.00 per visit 
    2 visits per day
    1x 30 min visit & also a 20 min Visit
    • Baldivis   $27.00
    • Secret Harbour $34.00
    • Lakelands $34.00
    • Halls head$34.00
    • Mandurah$34.00
    3 visits per day
                1x 30 min visit &   2 x 20 min Visit's                                                                                                                                                                Only Available in the Baldivis  Area , The evening visit includes a walk and a tuck in bed ( Clients like this  service especially if their pets are indoor pets )  $37.00
    Drop in Service-1 x 20 mins((per day )
    Up to Four pets Ideal for cats, rabbits, birds etc. No dogs (Includes feeding, play time,  litter changing ,plant watering (tending rubbish bins, security check, bringing in mail and feeding fish
    Only Available in Baldivis   $15.00
    Please Note Public Holiday Surcharge  add  $7.00  to all visits and services on the following holidays 
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