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The dog walking Team 

Baldivis and surrounding Suburbs are  covered by Bridey
the owner of Baldivis Pet Services

Bridey the owner of the company, has over 22+ years of experience owning/training Dogs.From Chihuahuas to the large breed German Shepherds.
She realised she wanted to give Perth residents an unique service for their pets ...We have been running for a year now  and i have walked many kms with Baldivis dogs and still do .

Mandurah Dog walker& Pet Sitter 

A few words from the Lovely Lynette
My name is Lynette, I originate from Scotland  &  have always had dogs in my life. I'm the owner of a Newfoundland (my pride and joy) and a GSD who was a Rescue, my dogs I've had in the past have been another GSD, an Old English Sheepdog aka a Dulux paint dog and a couple of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Anybody who knows me from Scotland  &  here in Australia know that dogs are my LIFE always have been always will be. When I'm not walking the woofs, I work at Mandurah Wildlife Rescue as a Volunteer, its great fun  & varies from week to week and I handle and look after a variety of animals and birds there which is FAB. So that's me in a nutshell, I'm the small Scottish lady who stands at 5ft 3" and walks a mini Shetland Pony pleased to meet  You all . 

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